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Package update for 0.4
Wednesday, October 10 2007 @ 15:41
The autopackage of 0.4 was incorrectly (or lazily) built against Ubuntu 7.04, which means it didn't correctly run on old distributions. I've now uploaded an update package with this problem fixed.

This should also fix any issues with FAM not being detected and logfile viewer being disabled.

NOTE: This only affects the binary autopackage package. Nothing has changed with the source code.
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New release: 0.4
Saturday, September 8 2007 @ 13:55
There's been a lot of minor changes in svn the last year or so, and so far I've been too lazy to push a public release.

Well, here it is: Pureadmin 0.4!

Release highlights:
 New features:

 Bug fixes:

Also some translation updates and other bug fixes.

Autopackage and source tarball available on the download page.
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phpBB forums have been made obsolete
Friday, February 2 2007 @ 15:59
Due to the relatively high amount of spam, I've decided to lock down the user forums and instead move the discussions to google groups. The new place to discuss PureAdmin on the web is:


The forums will still be available, but they will be read only. It is still a useful place to search for questions asked by other people in the past.
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Updates in svn
Sunday, July 23 2006 @ 11:10
There has been a lot of bug reports in the forum about Pureadmin not working correctly on Ubuntu dapper, especially with regard to finding the PureFTPd configuration files.

I've made a lot of changes in subversion that should fix this, and I've tested it successfully on Ubuntu dapper. There has also been 64-bit fixes, and Pureadmin now runs 100% fine on (at least mine) 64 bit systems.

People who has experienced problem with 0.3 are advised to try to download and install directly from the svn repository. See the download page for information on how to check out the development version. Just make sure you uninstall any previous version from your system.
Post your experience as comments on this post or in the forums. A note saying "everything works perfectly" is just as good as "no, it's still buggy because ..."!

Hopefully I'll get some spare time soon to make a proper release, but I want to test this in the wild a bit first.

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Fedora Core 4 & 5 RPMS
Friday, July 7 2006 @ 14:28
Dr Pixel has created fedora core packages of PureAdmin.

Fedora Core 4 :Fedora Core 5 :To use the YUM repository :
rpm -ivh http://drpixel.tuxfamily.org/fedora/drpixel-release-1-1.noarch.rpm
yum install pureadmin --enablerepo=drpixel
Just a disclaimer: These packages are third party packages and has not been tested by the PureAdmin developers (i.e. Me :-)).
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