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Latest version: 0.4
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  New Features:
  * Show list of system changes needed before using user manager
  * Progress bar showing download/upload progress

  Bug fixes:
  * Don't fail because the pureftpd activity directory doesn't exist.
  On ubuntu, it is always removed on reboot and created on first FTP login.
  Pureadmin now understands this
  * More robust handling of creating ftpuser/ftpgroup accounts and ftp directory.
  * Easier to enable debug output (no re-compile needed)
  * Check /proc to determine whether pureftpd is running or
  not. More robust than looking for the PID-file.

  * Translation updates: fr, cs, tr, sv

  New Features:
  * Included weblinks in the help menu to online docs and forum.
  * Include icons of various sizes to limit the effect of scaling from
   the Desktop Environment/Window Manager.
  * Install sized icons to the hicolor icon theme.
  Bug fixes:
  * Notification icon:
   - Don't show if main window has focus.
   - Hide when main window gets focused (and not only by
   clicking the icon)
  * Finally fix the startup-notify bug that triggered on sudo-based
   systems and resulted in a busy cursor for the first ~10 seconds of
   running pureadmin.

New Features:
  * Added notification icon support. New connections as well as
   disconnections are notified in the system tray. (Configurable!)
  * Added rough support for using gksu (on Ubuntu and similar)
   to raise privilieges when libgnomesu isn't available.
  * Make pureadmin multi threaded: The activity fetching function is now run as a separate
   thread instead of blocking the main loop.
  * Cleanup among the FAM wrapper functions. They didn't need to be as generic as I first wrote them.
  * Remove references to GTK+ > 2.0 symbols. PureAdmin should now run perfectly on GTK+ version 2.0
   and above!
  * PureAdmin now detects if pureftpd is running through inetd instead of standalone.

  * Major code re-factoring and cleanup: use libglade for the GUI instead of glade code generation.
  * Upgrade to use glib-based binreloc API.

  * Updated Swedish translation


  * Fixed a bunch of bugs when built w/o binreloc support
  * Updated prefix.[ch] and acinclude.m4 to latest versions from apkg CVS.
  * Various fixes to the pureadminsearch script.


  * Fixed a bug with a too small snprintf()-buffer
  * Fixed a bug when libgnomesu isn't available
  * Added French translation (Thanks Sébastien Loss)
  * Updated Swedish translation

New features:
  * Added customizable username encoding.
  * Remember window size and position
  * Automaticly ask for root password if needed (and possible; requires libgnomesu)
  * Added keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs (+1, +2)
  * Crash when closing user manager with windowmanager and then re-opening it.
  * Fixed a bug when pureadmin falsely determines that user hasn't got permission to edit user-information.
  * Much improved UTF-8 error handling and conversion throughout the program
  * Major code cleanups
  * Added a shadow to the logview and the main lists to make them stand out more.
  * Fixed so that enters activates the OK-button in the "New User" dialog.

  * Fixed some compiler warnings
  * Better handling of upload info in info-frame.
  * Dirbrowser now sorts entries in alphabetical order
  * Some UTF8 string fixes
  * Fixed a segfault in srv_get_activities, when pure-ftpwho failes to get activities
  * Italian translation added


  * Fixed size quota to actually be in Mb instead of bytes.
  * The configured value for password/pdbfile is now used instead of hard-coded /etc/pure-ftpd.*
  * Segfault occuring with corrupt /etc/group and /etc/passwd files containing empty lines fixed!
  * IP/Hostname shown in mainwindow is now the clients host, not the servers
  * UTF8 login-names and filenames should now work everywhere in the program
  * Usermanager didn't print newline after adding a user sometimes.
  * Removed silly limitation on bandwidth for users. It's now 1000kb/s instead of 100kb/s.
  * Added i18n/l10n support. Translators wanted!!
  * Added swedish translation
  * Added binary relocation support. hardcoded $prefix is now replaced at runtime!! (autopackage stuff)
  * Added autopackage spec-file
  * Removed the errordialogs at the startup, they are shown in the gui anyway!
  * Fixed a bug with make install. It didn't install everything it should...
  * Minor HIG-ification of the UI
  * Moved location for helpfiles. They're now in $prefix/share/pureadmin/docs
  * Better errorhandling in the helpviewer
  * FAM Wrapper now works and is using GIOChannel instead of depricated gdk_input_watch()

  * Activities Retreival should now work everywhere pure-ftpwho works.
  * Some more errordialog cleaning
  * Smarter handling of usermanager when running as non-root
  * Cleaned up the progress string in the list of activities a bit.

  New features:
  * Ability to Terminate connection(s) for users.
  * Added popup-menu for activities and online users.
  * Added a debugging window for program trace output.
  * Reding of activities is now working even if the filesize is more than
   the expected size (with unpredictable result!)
  * Fixed a rarely occurring floating point exception related to the "advanced info" frame in
   the main gui.
  * Fixed the startup errors. Now there's only one dialog for all
  * Made FAM-related errors more human understandable.
  * Fixed a segfault that occurred because of a free() on a static string.

  * Use FAM (File Alteration Monitor) for logfile-viewer.
   If fam isn't available, the logfile-viewer won't work.
  * Added start/stop of server.
  * Some minor UI enhancements.
  * Logfile-viewer: Date parser completely removed - it was too
  * user-manager:
   - Changes couldn't be saved when /etc and /tmp
   was on different filesystems.
   - Bandwidth limitations are now in kb/s as the GUI says it
   is (it was in b/s before :-))
  * GUI:
   - Change the progress string to display ???'s when the
   progress is unknown (instead of 000's and infinitive)
* Preferences:
   - Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the prefwindow.
  * Compile/build:
   - Fixed error when struct sockaddr_in isn't defined (*BSD??)
   - Fixed type-o in usr_manager.h (gulong long --> gulong)
  * pureadminsearch:
   PureAdmin now honor the enviroment variables $PURE_DBFILE and

  * New desktop-entry.
  * More robust checking for pureftpd installation and binaries.
  * Better, but in no way perfect, logfile handling.
  * More dialogs that tells people what went wrong.
  * RedHat 9 (others?) compile error should be fixed
  * and perhaps some more that I can't remember

  srv_comm.c: Directory wasn't closed and the maximum open-file-limit
   was reached after pureadmin has run for a while.
  logfile.c: - (Probably) Fixed a bug with log-dates, avoiding a
     segfault when the date from the log-file was improperly
   - Logfile was opened more than once at the same time,
     allocating unnecessary file-descriptors.

  * New dirbrowser widget
  * Name change Purify --> PureAdmin
  * Added help and some docs
  * Various bug fixes:
   - Widget sensitivity issues in user-manager.
   - Some build scripts (Makefile.am etc.) bugs were fixed
   - Type-o in the User Manager window (exits instead of exists)

  Initial Release
   * Everything is changed ;-)
   * Current features:
   - Log file viewer
   - Activities viewer
   - User manager

Copyright © 2003-2005 - Isak Savo.

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