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PureAdmin is beta software and comes with no warranty. It is recommended that you do not use it for safety critical systems and/or production use unless you know what you're doing.

Public Releases

All files, including previous releases: File Listing

How to install

The easiest and recommended way of installing pureadmin (on Linux) is by using the autopackage version above. A quick introduction of how to install can be found here: How to install an Autopackage in 4 steps.

If you for some reason cannot/don't want to use the autopackage version you need to compile the source yourself. See the Installation Manual for details.

Development Version (Subversion)

The latest, bleeding-edge version of PureAdmin is always available through anonymous Subversion. But keep in mind that since it is the absolutely latest version of the code it is very likely to be unstable and may even damage your PureFTPd-configuration.

If you don't know what subversion is then you should probably stay with the public releases above. But if you feel brave then using the development version and giving feedback about bugs and problems is very useful for us.

To get code from subversion, you need a subversion client. The following instructions applies to the official client available from http://subversion.tigris.org/:

svn checkout https://purify.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/purify/trunk pureadmin

This should create a new directory named 'pureadmin' containing the latest source.

After that, just run:

su root -c "make install" # use 'sudo' instead of 'su root -c' if you're using Ubuntu or Debian
PureAdmin should now be installed for you.

Copyright © 2003-2005 - Isak Savo.

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